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Extending the life of your equipment

The industrial field often leads to the appearance of side effects that can affect the activity of your company and the environment.

Our Company brings to the market with the latest technical and eco-friendly solutions, a non-aggressive approach for the environment. It is based on clean water and biodegradable solutions, all based on the high-pressure water jet of up to 3000 bars. At the same time our solutions greatly reduce the cost and time prices compared to previous methods used by the industry.

Our company performs hydro-cleaning, hydro-demolition, hydro-blasting and industrial cleaning works, using special high-pressure waterjet, the most ecologic and modern technology from this field.

GRENJET MSS SRL is a romanian-based company registered under the legal unic identifier 28100654 and the official registry number J29/281/2011.


come with the following benefits:

The technologies applied by our company protects the environment due to the fact that it works with the following:

  • Without solid residues from abrasives;
  • Without chemical residues from reactive;
  • Without generating dust or microparticles;
  • Without thermal, chemical or phonic pollution;
  • Without mechanical vibrations or hammer effects;
  • Without creating cracks or microcracks;
  • Without deteriorating the surface of the cleaned body;
  • The lowest performance times.

Some of the technical resources of the company are as follows:

  • 1 Hammelmann pump 1000 bars / 260 litres/minute/133 litres/minute/40
    litres/minute for cold waterjet pressure cleaning
  • 1 Hammelmann pump 1000 bars / 26 litres for cold waterjet pressure cleaning
  • 1 Hammelmann pump diesel 2800 bars / 26 litres for cold waterjet pressure cleaning
  • 1 Hammelmann pump diesel 1000 bars/30 litres with cold water jet cleaning installation

1 convertible diesel pump Uraca 2800 bars/20 liters or 1000 bars/45 liters for highpressure cold-water cleaning; 1 diesel pump Dynajet 500 bars + accesories for cold waterjet high pressure cleaning; 1 diesel pump Woma 1000 bars / 132 liters for waterjet pressure cleaning; 1 diesel pump 1500 bars/55 liters with cold water UHP cleaning instalation Aquaenergy; 1 diesel pump TWIN WOMA 750 bars/130 liters for cold waterjet pressure cleaning; 1 diesel pump WOMA 1500 bars/204 liters for cold waterjet high-pressure cleaning with automated installation with 3 washing spears/rods; 1 diesel pump Woma 500 bars/50 liters for hot waterjet pressure cleaning; 1 electric pump Uraca 500 bars/15 liters for cold waterjet pressure cleaning;


and technological works

1 high pressure steam washer NILFISK ALTO 190 bars; 1 machinery for sewerage cleaning Stayer 150bars/600 liters or 750 bars/55 litersvariable operating mode; Automated multiplication distributer with 3 washing posts; Accessories and specialized equipment for industrial UHP waterjet cleaning; Drain combi Scania 12 mc equiped with Demag wittig 1200 mc/h vacuum pump and pressure pump Uraca 390 l/min si 200 bars.


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for more power

Available Auxiliary Systems

  • Solid rod with rotative washing system with pressures up to 2800 bars;
  • Flexibile tubes DN4, DN5, DN6, for washing heat exchanging pipes with diameter starting from 8mm;
  • Rotative nozzles which can be used on the solid rod or flexible tubing usable to clean heat exchangers;
  • Cleaning guns with fixed nozzles for surfaces cleaning;

Cleaning guns with rotative nozzles for surfaces cleaning; Special rotative ends for tanker cleaning; Flexibile tubing and ends DN 12 for duct cleaning; Flexibile tubing and additional nozzles necessary to clean ducts and channels; Semi-automated Single rod equipment; Semi-automated equipment with 3 rods 3-TLE for inside duct cleaning (beams).

Our team is comprised of:

  • INSEMEX authorized staff – INSEMEX GANEX Petrosani certificate issued;
  • Deha Engineering authorized staff;
  • Qualified staff with experience over 10 years for high-pressure pump usage;
  • Qualified staff with experience over 10 years for high-pressure equipment usage;
  • Qualified staff with experience over 10 years for industrial cleaning activity;
  • Qualified staff with experience over 10 years for hydro-demolition activities;

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and quality

  • We have an implemented management system for quality, with the activity of the
    company being certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001;
  • Our work respects all quality standards in the field;
  • For our company, the workplace consists in the identification of dangers, assessment and control of risks corresponding to the activities;
  • We guarantee the use of the best and the most efficient technologies and solutions.

We are permanently preoccupied for health and safety and safety standard improvement, respecting the legal requirements, as well as the additional requirements of the clients in the field of HSEQ, so that the performed activity will be safe for our staff, contractors, clients and other concerned parts.

We are also preoccupied with the maintenance of company staff stability; Promoting professional development strategies for employees.



Tărărani, Barcanesti, Nuferilor street, no. 122
+ 40 344 143 988+ 40 723 595 566





Poarta Albă, Vișinilor street no. 67


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