High Pressure
Water Jet
Cleaning Services


Looking for an Industrial High Pressure Cleaning?

Wood and Paint Industry

• interior cleaning of electrofilters and reactors
• cleaning of separation basins

Vacuuming and fluid waste transport

Scania 12 mc vacuum unit
Demag wittig
• vacuum pump flow = 1200 mc/h
• clean water tank capacity : 2.000 – 10.000 l
High pressure pump Uraca
• flow = 390 liters/min
• pressure = 200 bars

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    Civil and industrial works

    • hydro-demolition for bridges, buildings, constructions
    • hydro-demolition for concrete platform
    • cleaning of road signs
    • removing concrete and road layer till/after the metallic reinforcement, according to requirements
    (1-100 cm) without affecting the resistance structure, both metallic and concrete

    Oil and Chemical Industry

    • inside and outside heat exchanger cleaning
    • oil tanks and reservoirs cleaning
    • vessel and column cleaning
    • metallic surface preparatory works by removing rust and deteriorated protective

    Naval and Harbour Industry

    • cleaning marine debris off the ship’s body
    • removing rust or damaged paint
    • preparing the metallic surface for painting
    • cleaning inside and outside surfaces
    • cleaning drill tubes and installs related
    to marine platforms…


    About us

    SC GREENJET MSS SRL brings to the market the latest technical and eco-friendly solutions, a non-aggressive approach for the environment. It is based on clean water and biodegradable solutions, achieved via a high-pressure water jet of up to 3000 bars. At the same time our solutions greatly reduce the cost and time prices compared to previous methods used by the industry.


    Looking for a reliable & stable partner?


    We work using high-end technologies…

    …that protects the environment due to the fact that we’re working: without solid residues from abrasives, without chemical residues from reactive, without generating dust or microparticles and so much more!

    Integrated services supplier

    High pressure waterjet cleaning services

    Our company, holds the Integrated Mangemanet System quality-enviroment health and ocupational security, certified according to ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008

    Our services in the industrial cleaning sector involves the use of a complete range of equipment, mobile and innovative systems with the latest generation of high pressure pumps, nozzles and other automatic concentration system at different angles and attack surfaces of the water produced by the piston pumps.

    The purpose of our interventions is to bring equipments to the manufacturer-set parameters so as to correspond to the technical characteristics and conditions of operation in the technological installations while at the same time aiming to increase the service life under the conditions imposed by the legislation on safety in operation, PSI rules and the safety of operating personnel.

    High Pressure Water Jet

    Industrial Cleaning


    We provided our services to the following clients


    Our company…

    …has been active on the profile market for more than 10 years and has performed for our clients (Azomures, Rompetrol, Rominserv, Egger, Expur, Argus, Comrep, Linde Gas, Wabag Water Service, Bunge, CAN Ecluza Cernavoda, Apa Nova Bucuresti, Rohrtechnik RTI, Panen Kft Ungaria, MOL Ungaria, Slovnaft Slovacia) a wide variety of works.

    Extraction and cleaning of heat exchanging beams with sizes over 6m, with an average number of 900 beams

    Hydro-cleaning of oil tanks with capacity between 50 and 60.000 cubic meters

    Scalping/ cleaning concrete surfaces – approximately 200.000 s.m. (in refineries and drainage stations)

    Cleaning and broaching industrial pipes, industrial and rain sewerages

    Cleaning decanters and separators

    Stripping and treatment of surfaces infested with different products

    Waste transportation

    Clogging channels and retention reservoirs



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